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How Quickly Can You Get an Uncontested Divorced In Maine? 
Date: 09/29/2016
Alan R. Nye 
Sometimes Maine residents want to get an uncontested divorce as soon as possible.  They’ve agreed to all the issues, and the only question is how swiftly they can navigate the court system.
Rule 113 of the Maine Family Division Rules requires waiting at least 60 days after you’ve served the summons and complaint on your spouse before you can obtain an uncontested divorce. This assumes that all the appropriate paperwork has been filed by both parties and that there are no contested issues remaining. 
In some counties, uncontested divorces are scheduled in district court nearly every weekday.  In courts serving areas of the state with a more limited population, divorces may be scheduled only a few times a month.  
What this means is that depending upon where you live in Maine, it’s will take a minimum of 2 months — and perhaps even 3 months or longer  — before you can obtain an uncontested divorce.
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