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Portland Juvenile Law Attorneys

For parents, raising kids can be rewarding, yet challenging. When your child is facing a juvenile charge or is having problems at school, it can be difficult to find an advocate who understands the system or one who is willing to take the time to help your child.

At Robinson, Kriger & McCallum we know the struggles you are facing and will work with you to find solutions that will meet the needs of your family and your child. It is important to have counsel who not only understands the juvenile system and the special rules, but also one who is experienced with understanding the potential negative impact that juvenile records can have for a child years from now.

Helping You Advocate for Educational Issues Facing Your Child

If your son or daughter is struggling at school, many parents do not often think that they are dealing with a legal issue. After all, when teachers raise concerns or create a special educational plan, there are no courtrooms or attorneys involved. Parents and caregivers should be aware that there are important rights when the subject of special education is involved.

State and federal laws require that schools have the duty to identify and evaluate students they suspect of having learning or behavioral issues that impact the student’s educational performance. The specific regulations or procedures that a school must follow can be complicated and if you have questions about what your school is recommending for your child, contact an attorney to help you understand the process.

If a student meets the eligibility criteria for special education, they must be provided with an individualized education plan (IEP) that sets out how the child will be taught and how his or her performance will be measured. Again, federal and state laws and regulations will determine how this plan is developed, but parents should be an active participant in the process.

If you have serious concerns about the educational services your child is receiving or whether he or she is making adequate progress under his or her plan, contact our office to discuss your situation.

Representing Children Facing Juvenile Criminal Charges

If your child is facing a charge for underage drinking, shoplifting or other activity that would be considered criminal if he or she was over 18, you likely have many questions as a parent. Juvenile court has its own set of rules, procedures, and policies. While the process may seem more informal than adult court, the potential consequences can be just as severe.

Our Maine juvenile justice attorneys understand the potential consequences for juvenile charges and adjudications can cause problems later in life, including preventing some people from:

  • Getting a job
  • Getting accepted to college or graduate school
  • Joining the military
  • Becoming a U.S. citizen

Our attorneys will work with you and your family to develop a strategy that will not only minimize the potential for future harmful consequences, but will also access help that your child may need. If your son or daughter has untreated issues, including drug or alcohol dependency concerns, it is important to work with trained and caring professionals who can help find solutions. Addressing problems now, before your child becomes an adult, can mean greater access to services and consequences outside the adult criminal system.

All juvenile matters are significant and require skilled and knowledgeable representation. We will work with your family to protect your rights and limit the potential for future collateral consequences.

For a consultation with a juvenile law at Robinson, Kriger & McCallum, call 207-772-6565 or contact our Maine school law and juvenile law firm online.