RKM Welcomes Attorney Fred Moore, a former partner of RKM, back to the firm

Please join in welcoming Attorney Fred Moore, a former partner of RKM, back to the firm.

Fred, who admits to being older than dirt, nonetheless isn’t ready to retire after 40+ years of trial experience. He tells his wife that he is going to keep practicing law until he gets it right. When not practicing law he volunteers for Habitat for Humanity (and notes that none of the houses he has worked on have fallen down. Yet.) He sings in a quartet whose video performance on a stranded airplane has garnered over 8 million viewings on YouTube, and serves as President of the 45-man Downeasters Barbershop Chorus , which he says illustrates the principle that the level of his administrative office is inversely proportional to his ability to sing.

Thanks to (or perhaps in spite of) his singing with the chorus, the chorus recently qualified through regional competition to represent over 50 choruses in the northeastern United States and Eastern Provinces of Canada in international competition in Orlando. Now, Orlando during the first week in July may not sound ideal, but as it turned out, the weather that week was hotter in Maine than in Florida. Perhaps due to the cool weather, the Chorus cruised to its highest score ever and it took 29 choruses to beat them.

In between times he spends time at the family camp in Hartford, Maine where he spent a lot of time this summer working on his boat. Someday soon he hopes to actually spend time launching and using his boat.

Frederick Moore Bio

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