Why do you need a Will?

Why do you need a Will?

Statistics indicate that roughly half of all U.S. adults with children die without having a Will. Common reasons not to have one are procrastination, cost and the mistaken belief that you just don’t need one. Don’t be a statistic. Getting a Will prepared is often quick and painless. It provides you with an easy way to control your assets after your death. Even better, it gives you peace of mind.

Trust me; you need to have a Last Will and Testament.


The simple reason is that it allows you to decide how your estate is divided. With a Will, you determine who gets what you own when you die. Do you want your property and money to all go to your spouse – or only a portion of it to your spouse and the rest directly to your adult children?

What if something happens to you and your spouse at the same time – who inherits your assets then? Your children – what if they’re minors? Who manages your assets for your children? If something happens to both you and your spouse, who becomes guardians of your children? Do you have a favorite family heirloom or sentimental personal item that you’d like to have a particular person to have after your death? Do you want to leave a certain sum of money to a specific charity?
With a Will you can deal with all these questions.

For those folks who have children from different marriages, do you want to treat your step-children the same as your natural children? Have you provided for one or more of your children during your lifetime and now want to give your assets all to your other children? These things and many more can easily be dealt with in a Will. Best of all, simple Wills are generally relatively inexpensive.

Remember, if you don’t have a Will, state law controls how your property is divided after your death. So stop putting it off and give yourself some peace of mind, have a Will done so that after your death, your assets are distributed the way you want them to be.


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